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Things to remember on Parade Day

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Here you will find important information for floats for while the parade is moving.

General Rules:

1) All entries must be fully decorated. Failure to do so may result in removal from the parade.

2) No fundraising during the parade.

3) Under no circumstances is anything to be thrown or tossed from the float along the parade. This includes candy. You may have parade volunteers distribute candy by hand to the spectators, BUT PLEASE ADVISE THEM TO DO SO AT THE EDGE OF THE STREET. We do not want children encouraged to run into the street.

4) We encourage you to have a “Banner” to hold up in front of your float.

5) No campaigning.

6) No littering!

7) Please limit honking – as much fun as it may seem, it interferes with the music of the parade (Bands, Floats)


Pacing is extremely important as it affects how fast the parade is moving and it determines how many GAPS are present during the parade.   The floats should move at a marching pace and gaps must be reduced to a minimum.  Part of the Marshal’s job is to help you know when to speed up or slow down.  Please follow all directions. 

Do not stop any time in the parade unless it is an emergency.  Please do not slow down when approaching the Rogers TV broadcast team as this creates issues.

Narrowing at Dalhousie Street Merge:

The street will narrow considerably at Dalhousie Street.  Please drive especially save in this area. 

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