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Vehicle Restrictions: Highway Traffic Act Featured

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As per the HTA, all vehicles (ie. float entries) must lawlfully traverse the roads.  As a courtesy, we have provided a summary and link from the MTO below that we believe will be a good reference for float builders.

Maximum width:

Vehicle including load - 2.6 m


  1. Raw forest products (en route) - 2.8 m
  2. Road service vehicles as defined in Part X of the HTA and such vehicles while they are travelling to and from a maintenance site or repair centre - no specified limit
  3. Loose fodder (including rectangular and round bales of hay - no specified limit

Maximum Length:

Single vehicle including load - 12.5 m


  1. A fire apparatus
  2. A semi-trailer
  3. An articulated bus

Maximum Length:

Semi-trailer including load - 14.65 m

Definition of semi-trailer: A vehicle that is towed by another vehicle and is so designed and used that a substantial part of its weight and load rests on, or is carried by, the other vehicle or a trailer converter dolly through a fifth wheel assembly.

Note: Does not include any extension in length caused by auxiliary equipment or machinery not designed for carrying a load.

Maximum Length (Combination):

Combination of vehicles and load - 23 m

Maximum Height:

Vehicle and load - 4.15 m

Maximum Weight:

Maximum weight allowances are determined using axle configurations and spacings. A permit is required if the axle and/or gross vehicle weight exceeds the limits set out in the HTA. See e-Laws: Highway Traffic Act Regulation 413/05 - Vehicle Weights and Dimensions — for safe, productive and infrastructure-friendly vehicles.


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