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Rules for Floats moving in the parade

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Please read this article for important rules relating to your entry:

Participants must remain seated at all times· If standing is vital to your theme, there must be a secure, stable means of support for each standing person

· Children should not be allowed to stand or move when your section starts moving –they must remain seated

· Keep blankets, costumes, etc. from dangling off the side of your float to ensure they do not get tangled within the wheel well while moving

· Do not allow anyone to climb on or off the float while it is on the route – for any reason

· Nothing is TO BE THROWN from the floats or from marchers to children watching the parade: This includes candy. You may have parade volunteers distribute candy by hand to the spectators

· All entries must be fully decorated. This is a night time parade so remember lights.

· No fundraising during the parade.

· No campaigning.

Drivers of the float are to stay at least 2 car length but no more the 4 car length back from the float in front of them

When off loading your float please leave the area quickly as there are many other floats and please be aware of other moving vehicles.

Please do not have anyone dressed as Santa on your floats.

Have fun!

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