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The United Alumni Drum & Bugle Corps

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The United Alumni Drum & Bugle Corps was formed in September 1998. It was an off-shoot of a Alumni Reunion Drum Corps formed in July 1998 featuring former members of the Simcoe Boy Scout Trumpet Band, Optimists Band, Royal Blues, Simcoe Golden Lions, & Lakeshore Brassmen. All the corps operated out of Simcoe, Ontario, except for the Brassmen, which operated out of nearby Port Dover, Ontario. All five corps originated after the previous corps disbanded, beginning with the Scout Band in 1953

Simcoe Friendship Festival Parade, Simcoe August, 2001 - Click to see more old United Alumni Photos


If you have old photos you are willing to share and have posted on this page, please contact to=This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.&;su=Old%20Photos" target="_blank">Ed Pow.  We are in need of pictures of the Lakeshore Brassmen, Simcoe Scout Band and Royal Blues.

Simcoe Boy Scout Trumpet Band 1953 to 1959.

    The Simcoe Boy Scout Trumpet Band was formed on May 12,1953 under the sponsorship of the local Boy Scout Association just three short weeks before the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth the second.  The instruments were loaned by the 25th Medium Regiment of the R.C.A in Simcoe. There were 19 members with instruments that paraded in Simcoe, Woodstock, Welland, Hamilton and Norfolk and Brant Counties. Their uniforms were the regular Boy Scout uniforms with at addition of a white lanyard on the left shoulder and a black and gold neckerchief. 

    In 1954 they received 19 new instruments totaling $1200.00 through Waterloo Music Co.  In 1955 the band entered the Waterloo Music Festival in the Junior Class taking the second place Silver Medal. During the years from June 1953 to December 1955 the band played 19 different pieces taking part in the Waterloo Festival again in the Junior B class and took home $100.00 and the gold trophy.

    On the 4th of July 1955 the band went to Warren Pennsylvania and took 3rd place over 18 marching bands.  The Simcoe Boy Scout Trumpet Band were Simcoe's Goodwill Ambassadors for many years until the folded and became the Optimist Royal Blues.  The director was John Potts of the Simcoe High School Air Cadet Band and the Manager was Harold Wheeler of the Simcoe O.P.P. and a Member of the Preston Scout House Band Sgt Major Bill Mates was the drill instructor.


click to view more information on the Simcoe Boy Scout Trumpet Band

Optimists Trumpet Band - 1959

Due to increasing costs and the fact that boys other than Scouts were interested in joining, the Simcoe Optimist Club took on the sponsor ship in March of 1959 which continued under their direction for approximately a year.  During that time the Optimist Club spent a great deal of money on new uniforms for the all boys band.

Optimist Trumpet Band 1959

Royal Blues Drum and Bugle Corps - 1960 to 1968

In 1960 the Optimist Club dropped their sponsorship which continued as a self-sponsored unit under the direction of Ron Mann adding the name to the Royal Blues Drum & Bugle Corps.  This corps competed in the Senior B Category winning several championships during its tenure.   The Royal Blues folded in 1968.


view more photos of Royal Blues

Golden Lions Drum and Bugle Corps - 1969 to 1981
     In 1969 the Golden Lions Drum & Bugle Corps was formed sponsored by the Simcoe Lions Club.  The corps competed in Junior B, Junior C and parade class categories.  In 1977 the Golden Lions highlighted their tenure by winning the "Triple Crown" of Canadian Junior C Drum Corps, by winning all three Championships - Junior C, Ontario Provincials and Canadian Nationals.  The Golden Lions folded in 1981.

August 27, 1977 - Canadian Championships, Berchmont Stadium, Scarbourgh.

Click to view 1977 scores

Click to view more pictures of Golden Lions. 

Lakeshore Brassmen Drum and Bugle Corps - 1978 to 2002
     The Lakeshore Brassmen were formed in 1978 comprised of over aged members of the Golden Lions.  The Brassmen were a self-sponsored senior competitive parade corps that folded in 2002.

Click to view more pictures of Lakeshore Brassmen.

United Alumni Drum and Bugle Corps

Since our first parade in 1998 we are very proud to have alumni members from current and former Drum and Bugle Corps and bands, such as:

See the photo page of additional old photos.

St. John's Girls Drum and Bugle Corps - 1977

Guelph Royalairs

See the photo page of additional old photos.

The 1998 Reunion of Optimist Trumpet Band, Royal Blues, Golden Lions and Lakeshore Brassmen


Our First Parade was Port Dover Canada Day Parade, 1998

This picture was taken immediately following that parade.

United Alumni Drum and Bugle Corps - Simcoe's Friendship Festival Parade August 1998

Click on pics to enlarge


Our first group picture in our first official uniform. 

This uniform was hand made by a number of our talented members. July 1, 2000.

To view more pictures of United Alumni See the Photos page.

We introduced our current uniforms in Port Dover, July 1, 2006.

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We introducted our new summer parade uniforms in June 2012.

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  • Band Type: Marching Band
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